2021 Poster Presentations

“Different Wavelengths of Light Have Varying Effects on Gene Expression in Isochrysis Galbana”
Immanuel Mekuria, Gretchen Vengerova, Xiaoyu Zhang, Betsy Read*

“Salmonella Typhimurium CsgC Delays the Aggregation of Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide”
George Orwa, Karen Guerrero, Sajith Jayasinghe

“Development of LC-MS/MS Method for Determining Compounds in Black Bear Urine During Mating Seasons”
Quynh Nguyen Wong, Jacqueline Trischman*

“The effect of climate change associated extreme weather events on horizontal gene transfer in coastal microbiomes”
Ciara Sanders, Brad Hunter, Esther Gomez, Elinne Becket*

“CPP pVEC Translocates into Marine Haptophytes”
David Gorrie, Betsy Read*

“A γδ T cell-focused analysis of published RNA-seq data from skin biopsies of Alopecia Areata patients”
Antolette Kasler, Matilde Macedo, Yosiris Hagan, Alex Gonzalez, Anthony Rincon, Julie Jameson*

“Investigating the taxonomic profiles of nearshore coastal microbiomes over time”
Haven Johansen, Lakme Caceres, Ciara Sanders, Elinne Becket*

“Metabolically-Activated Proteostasis Regulators Protect Against Glutamate Toxicity through Activation of Two Different Stress Responsive Signaling Pathways”
Jessica D. Rosarda, Kelsey R. Baron, Kayla Nutsch, Michael J. Bollong, R. Luke Wiseman*